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A Quick Word About Background Checks

By Dale Papes (Northstar Investigations and Security, LLC)

Perhaps you've seen the various "Only $9.99 unlimited" background check sites online and have wondered why should you pay a private investigator around $100 for "the same thing"? 

To assume that a $9.99 background check (from a website with a catchy name) is the same as paying for a quality background check from a licensed private investigator would be like assuming that a can of soup is the same thing as a steak dinner. Both are food. Both will quell your appetite. But at the end of the day, why have a bowl of alphabet soup when you really need a Delmonico and a baked potato? 

Essentially, these cheap online background check sites are information dumps. Here's a scenario: Imagine millions of old phone books stacked to the ceiling in a warehouse. Now, imagine that you need to find the address of "John Q. Public." So, you pay the owner of the old phone books $9.99, you grab a random phone book, look up "John Q. Public", read the address, and immediately drive to the address to see your old friend. The problem is, the phone book you picked up was from 1989 and your pal, John Q. Public, sold the house and moved somewhere out of state in 2011. Sounds like a waste of $9.99, not to mention a big waste of time.

Fortunately, private investigators (at least reputable ones) would never rely on an online information dump site as credible enough to turn over to a client. When I conduct background investigations, I utilize electronic and "old school" investigative tools- but never an online information dump site.

Consider giving Northstar Investigations and Security, LLC a call to discuss your need for a background check.